What do we do? We offer complete bankruptcy paid lead management services which include:


Convert Paid Leads

We are “savants” at connecting with potential clients and motivating them to talk to our bankruptcy attorneys.

Our Secret?

We genuinely want to help each person get our of their financial misery. We see our role as casting a life preserver out to each potential client. Pulling them into the boat means getting them on the phone (or office) with the attorney. We know that once they can talk to the attorney they will finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Sourcing Leads

We have good relationships with all of the major lead vendors. As a result, we are able to get access to leads that typically a law firm is unable to get. And because we have years of experience in the industry, we have worked with every major, and many of the minor vendors. This enables us to secure enough leads to make it significant for the practice.

Monitoring Volume & Lead Quality

Our deep experience across all lead vendors enables us to spot drop-offs in lead quality. We go one step further by working with the lead vendor to fix the problem.

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ROI Management

We keep ROI attractive by:

  • Converting a healthy percentage of leads into consult appointments
  • Rescheduling missed consults
  • Disputing “bad” leads
  • Screening out people who don’t qualify

Disputing Leads

We vigilantly disputing all “bad” leads. As much as 30% of the leads require disputing.

Screening Potential Clients

We screen each caller based on the custom requirements of each of our law firms. We protect our attorneys’ time.

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Why a Paid Lead Program?

More Money
… more leads means more consults which means more clients which equals MORE MONEY

Avoid Peaks and Valleys
… receiving leads every day ensures a steady number of cases month in and month out. Avoids the feast or famine syndrome.

More Control
… buying a set amount of leads each month lets you determine how many clients you want each month. It allows you to determine how much money you want to make. Paid leads put you in control.

We Make It Easy
…we provide a turn key service.