Our History

Client Care was born into a bankruptcy law firm. The birthing law firm staff was great at taking care of clients, but consistently struggled with converting paid leads to consults. We were asked to take over the work of calling all of the email leads to schedule them for consults. That success led us to form Client Care.

Our Philosophy…

We see each paid lead as someone who desperately needs to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. We believe that the only right way to help those potential clients it to empathetically listen to their concerns, reassure them that they have called the right place, and to follow-up to make sure they get to talk to the attorney. We take pride in the fact that we achieve strong ROI results without using sales tactics. Instead, we have proven that if you genuinely want to help people, good results naturally follow.

Our Mission…

…is to make paid leads work for our law firms. That means working hard to reach every lead, disputing the bad leads, screening out the people who bankruptcy cannot help, and making sure the ones that can be helped are able to speak with the attorneys we work for. In short, our mission is to make sure paid leads have a sustainable ROI.

Our Team

Rick Kleban, CEO

Mr. Kleban has years of legal marketing experience. He leveraged that skill along with his customer service and analytical skills to create a conversion service for paid bankruptcy leads that generates a sustainable ROI – hence Client Care.

He is a serial entrepreneur with businesses in marketing, business strategy consulting, analytical software, and others. Client Care is one of his passions because it allows him to help people in need while helping Client Care’s law firms too.

“I take great satisfaction in knowing that every day we help people who are stuck in a financial prison. Those people are really stressed. And when we take the time to really listen to them and to reassure them the attorney can help, we can actually hear over the phone that they are relieved … and nothing feels better than that. It makes my day”

Nicole Pawlowski, Client Experience Manager

Ms. Pawlowski draws on her years of client and customer management to ensure that every caller gets the assistance he or she needs. Her passion is helping people facing tough times. It is for that reason that she invests so much time and energy in making Client Care a place that really helps people every day.

In addition to her helping mission, Ms. Pawlowski is results driven. Over the course of her career, she has consistently achieved superior results. She brings that focus to Client Care to ensure that lead costs are in-line and that the attorney’s calendar is full.

“I take great satisfaction in the fact that we help people in financial stress. I equally enjoy making sure our law firms are successful. It is a low of work, but very worthwhile.”

Why We Work at Client Care?

We Care …
… and it comes across to every potential client

We Work Hard …
… nights and weekends in addition to normal business hours and up to ten follow-ups per lead.

We Make It Easy …
… we put the appointments directly on the attorney’s calendar along with detailed notes.

We Know Bankruptcy …
… it is all we do!

Our Law Firms Say…
“We love working with Rick & Nicole’s team. They keep our calendar full and weed out the people that we can’t help. Also, they manage all of the lead vendors and disputes to keep our costs in-line. They make it easy and help keep us busy. I don’t know what we would do without them.”

-Robert Vanhemelrijck,
Vanhemelrijck Law Offices