We Help People

We help our callers

Each of us genuinely want to help people every day. Our work at Client Care allows us to do just that.

With every call and every voicemail, we are connecting with people in great financial stress. We offer a “light at the end of the tunnel” for people. The best part of our job is hearing each of our callers feel relieved when they learn we can help.

We help our law firms

We also help our law firms. While they are great with bankruptcy law, we excel at connecting with potential clients. As a result, we insure our law firms have a steady stream of business.

We Love Our Commute & Coworkers

We enjoy working remotely

Working from home gives us more time outside of work so we can have a healthier work/life balance.

Also, it saves money on transportation and clothes. When doing the math, the zero commute plus the financial savings make the overall pay attractive.

Our coworkers are great

They share our passion for helping people and doing great work. Plus they have a healthy sense of humor. It is rewarding to work with people we respect and like.

We Are Results Driven

We are the best in the industry

Everyone on our team strives for great results. Not because we are forced to do so, but because our group is hard wired to do so.

We do things the right way

The right way is the only way we know. We achieve great results, not by employing tricks, but BY GENUINELY caring and helping each caller. While others in our industry try to succeed by employ sales tactics, we succeed by helping –a rewarding and successful approach.

Why We Work at Client Care?

“Client Care allows me to work from home part time doing something that is meaningful. I appreciate the fact that it is both intellectually engaging while also enabling me to help people every day.”


“I really respect the people I work with here at Client Care. They are smart, hard working, and genuinely want to help our callers who are facing financial trouble. The best part of my day is each time I am able to help one of our callers breathe a sigh of relief…it reminds me why I am here”