San Antonio, Texas

“We were handling our own paid leads, but found that is was a struggle to keep them performing well. We would have a couple of OK months followed by one or two poor months. And our overall profitability was questionable.

As soon as Client Care took over working the leads, we began experiencing a consistent number of consults and filing each month. Plus, they improved the profitability of doing paid leads. And it is great to not have to manage that whole process and instead just focus on consults and servicing our clients.

Client Care operates as our phone intake team and schedules only people I can help. And we get many compliments from our new clients about the Client Care team. It is great partnership.”

Robert Vanhemelrijck

Vanhemelrijck Law Offices

Richardson, Texas

“We tried doing paid leads about a year before we were introduced to Client Care. Previously we couldn’t get paid leads to work…at all.

Not only did Client Care make them work, but Client Care was willing to share the best practices they have learned over the years. The result was that we were able to improve our outreach to our referrals and website leads. We have really benefited from the relationship.”

Chris Migliaccio

Warren & Migliaccio

Typical Calls with Leads


When a potential client is facing a foreclosure on their home they are very distraught and often feel alone fighting a losing battle against the lender. We quickly reassure them that we are here to help to fight that battle for them. We can and will save their home through a bankruptcy.

Medical Debt

Potential clients with overwhelming medical debt sometimes have additional stress due to illness and they have lost the ability to work. Their finances spiral out of control and this stress can directly affect their health and lead to even more problems. We let them know that we can relieve their financial stress so they can focus on what is of utmost importance. Their health and well being.


Potential clients also have a very high stress level when they are facing a repossession. They fear if they lose their vehicle, they will be unable to get to work and will then lose their jobs. The stress is constant, they realize their vehicle could be taken at any moment. We can instantly reduce their stress by letting them know how we can help stop the repossession from happening and quickly set up a consultation with the attorney.

Why are We Successful?

We Care …
… and it comes across to every potential client

We Work Hard …
… nights and weekends in addition to normal business hours and up to ten follow-ups per lead.

We Make It Easy …
… we put the appointments directly on the attorney’s calendar along with detailed notes.

We Know Bankruptcy …
… it is all we do!